John McEvoy Medical Knapsack als Medzinischer Knapsack

John McEvoy a HOSPITAL KNAPSACK PAT. January 1862
Pictured in 'Medical Instruments and Equipment,' Volume II, by Dr. Gordon Dammann.
This fine reproduction field knapsack for medical stewards will add a special touch to your period impression.
In treating the wounded on the battlefield, this knapsack will really set you apart from the rest of the corp.
A lightweight wooden frame is covered with black weatherproof canvas.
As with the original, the top opens up to an array of slotted compartments for bottles and bandages.
A side door opens to reveal two sliding drawers.
All strapping is of top grain cowhide.
Overall measurements are 15" tall, 13" wide and 6 1/4" deep.

Patent vom Mc Evoys Knapsack

Medizinischer Inhalt eines Knapsacks

Anderer Medical Knapsack