Photography PDF-Bücher

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A Dictionary of Photography - Thomas Sutton 1818-1875 24 Mb
A popular treatise on Photography by Monkhoven 23 Mb
Dry Plate Photography or The tannin process, made simple and practical for Operators and Amateurs 1811 12 Mb
Photogenic Manipulation Part 1 63 Mb
Photogenic Manipulation Part 1 or 3 11 Mb
Photogenic Manipulation Part 2 7 Mb
Plain directions for obtaining Photographic Pictures - upon waxed and albumenised paper and glass by Collodion and Albumen 7 Mb
Remarks Concernine Certain Photographs Supposed To Be Of Early Date 1863 8 Mb
N The Art of Photography 6 Mb
N The History And Practice Of The Art Of Photography 1849 By Henry H Snelling 1 Mb
N The History And Practice Of The Art Of Photography or the Production of Pictures Through the Agency of Light 9 Mb
N The Photograph And Ambrotype Manual - A Practical Treatise On The Art Of Taking Positive And Negative Photographs On Paper And Glass 1858 By N G B 9 Mb
N The Photograph Manual 1862 by Nathan G Burgess 12 Mb
N The practice of Photography - A Manual for Students and Amateurs by Delamotte 11 Mb
N Treatise of Photography on Collodion 1858 25 Mb
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