Civil War Camp Life

Achtung !!! Videos können verstörende Sequenzen enthalten !!!

Civil War Camp

Civil War Camp Life

Civil War Camp Life Reenactment

Civil War Camp Life1

Inside a Reenactors Tent

Visiting Rebel Union Camps

Walk through the Civil War Camp
Battle of Pilot Knob


Civil War Hygiene and Toiletry Kits

Civil War Officers Living Quarters

Foraging for Squirrel Part 1

Foraging for Squirrel Part 2

Hathaway travel writing portfolio

How to pick out the correct straight
razor for your impression

My Civil War Officers field desk based on an original

Ohio Militia Unit Squirrel Hunters

Poke Sacks - How do you organize your gear
and Haversack

The long tasty and useful history of
Bordens Sweetened Condensed Milk

Wet shaving in the field

What is a mess


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